Prize Wheel
Article: Add Fun to Boost Your Grand Opening Event
31inch diameter prize wheel with 18 wedges. Table Stand Model

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31" Prize Wheel - 18 Wedges
Table Top Model

Add Fun to Boost Your Grand Opening Event

Those who have managed to flourish during the recent economic downturn can be credited as perhaps the brightest minds in business since Rockefeller. While most aren't about to reveal their secrets to success, some have stepped forward and uttered two magical words that can transform a dull, ineffective marketing campaign into the most powerful campaign of the century. What are these "magical" words? Add fun.

Visiting a carnival has long been a memorable and valued experience to children and adults alike. With attractions at every turn, there's never a dull moment at the carnival. With so much fun and excitement, why not try to bring a little carnival to the office? Here's a little known secret: people like to have fun. With this single piece of knowledge, a marketing director can begin to think with gaming clarity, making interactivity and enjoyment the focus of every marketing campaign.

It should be no stretch of the imagination, then, that a spin to win prize wheel can attract new customers to any business with even a minimal amount of effort. With a little creativity, carnival games can become the boost a marketing campaign needs to increase sales and saturate the target audience, often with greater results than more traditional advertising methods.

Spin To Win Prize Wheel For Grand OpeningFor example, if you're a new retail business, you want to attract as many people to your location and gain brand exposure within your community. In addition, you want to create that branding exposure as fast as possible. You will want to have a grand-opening event of fun and entertainment at your retail store while promoting your business products and services. By using a spin to win prize wheel at your grand-opening event, you can engage visitors at your event and encourage them to "stick around" and learn more about what you have to offer. And, because of the boost of fun time, those visitors will associate your company with fun and creativity. The most important goal of your grand opening event is to make your customers remember you.

A spin to win prize game is not a one time investment marketing tool. It is, in fact, a customizable tool that can be used over and over without looking and feeling the same as the previous event. A well-made spin to win prize wheel will give you the ability to customize your own prizes directly from printer. With some creativity, white paper and ink cartridges, you can design your own layouts for your prize wedges and prizes. For each different occasion, be mindful of what prizes your potential customers might want to win. If you give them the potential to win something they desire, they will buzz around waiting for the opportunity to have a little fun spin on your game wheel.

Carnival games and spin to win games have been used by enterprising businesses in industries ranging from automotive to consumer electronics to promote new products and services, reward employees for their hard work and dedication, and even to illustrate difficult concepts at monthly business meetings. Whether one is trying to put a new business on the map with a grand opening event or reward customers for their loyalty, a spin to win prize wheel is an exceptional way to make a big impression with minimal investment cost and time.