Prize Wheel
Trade Show Mini Prize Wheel With Logo
20.5 inch mini prize wheel with logo and 12 prize wedges. Table Stand Model Only

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20.5" Mini Prize Wheel - 12 Wedges
Table Stand Model

Trade Show Mini Prize Wheel With Logo

by Brian Jardine

Trade shows have their roots in the Middle Ages when vendors from the region would gather together in a single location to give customers a chance to buy what they had to sell. From those humble beginnings, we now have trade shows in nearly every modern industry ranging from electronics to tourism. The fact that these shows are still in existence lends credence to the fact that they work. Businesses smart enough to hop on the trade show bandwagon usually see results. Still, many new to the experience spend a lot of money on costly mistakes.

Trade Show Game Prize WheelWhat should you look for in a trade show game?

Like the Native Americans of this nation's history, businesses that want to stand out in their industries need to put their "ear to the ground" and come up with a unique way to gain potential leads and customer branding. These events aren't easy to navigate; competition and a desensitization of customers to outdated marketing strategies are making it increasingly hard to gain an advantage over the others. Fortunately, a creative marketing tool is here to help spark your creativity.

A mini prize wheel isn't exactly a "new" tool. These trade show game wheels have been in use almost as long as trade shows have been around. Oddly enough, no one realized that a prize wheel and a trade show event go together like hammer and nail until now. With a little inventiveness, one of these mini prize wheels can attract trade show browsers and create a buzz at any expo. If you're looking for a little success at the next expo, plan your marketing strategy around the use of a mini prize wheel. Sure, other marketing tools might work but make the effort to distinguish yourself enough to get the trade show attention that you need. This mini prize wheel trade show game can be the right tool for the job with minimal effort.

Create Your Own Prizes

Trade Show Game. Create Your Own Prizes has blank and pre-designed templates that you may use to create your own branding and prizes on the mini prize wheel. In Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word formats, you can product prize wedges with colors, fonts and styles that complement your trade show booth displays. In fact, the prize wedges are so easy to slide in and slide out that you can change out the look of your mini prize wheel as often as you like during the trade show event. If you run out of a promotional item, just remove the prize wedge and slide in a "spin again" prize wedge. The mini prize wheel center plate is a magnetized to the prize wheel and is made with a special type of plastic. Using a removable label, you can print your logo branding on center circle and stick it onto the center plate. If you purchase separate center plates, you can switch out your logo branding colors and looks very quickly without having to remove the printed label. Mini prize wheel wedges can be printed directly from your office or home printer and they do not require any specialized treatments. However, if you are pressed for time or simply do not want to create the prize wheel wedges, our custom graphic design team can customize your prize wedges for your events.

Appeal To The Seasoned Trade Show Visitor

Trade Show visitors are quite savvy shoppers. If they have been frequenting trade shows and conferences for many years, they are accustomed to the tiny bit of valuable information they learn during a boring keynote speech. In fact, they might be somewhat numb to the same look of a drapery backdrop, single table, single chair, boring literature and a over-zealous sales guy ready to "make his pitch" to any potential browser. And, there is an endless parade of vendors that claim to have something that you just can't live without; something that will make your business stronger, your marriage healthier, or your brain smarter. So, put yourself in the shoes of this frequent traveler. He is seeking a vendor that is well prepared and unique enough to capture his attention. Knowing this, imagine the impact you can create by adding excitement, fun and entertainment to your booth? By tapping into a fun activity, you mask the notion that you are "peddling" your goods or services and you remind your trade show visitors of something amusing and light-hearted. Informally, you give your trade show visitors a chance to learn about you, your company and your services without the high pressure that comes from a sales guy. A mini prize wheel and its festivities will take your trade show visitors back to a place in their childhood that involved fun, happiness and overall "good feelings". In that emotional state, you can win their branding alliances.

Trade Show Private Networking Event

Trade Show Game at Private Trade Show Networking Party After workshops and perusing the exhibition hall, participants often return to their hotel rooms and look for something to do in their free time. Let your trade show game work for you again by adding a private networking event for those participants who are high-opportunity leads. Organize an evening of mingling with opportunities to connect faceto-face again in a party environment.  You can personally invite booth visitors during the day's exhibitions, and get their contact information and use texting or twitter to remind them about coming. Be prepared to have additional "lead" forms with more detailed information at your private networking event so you can easily identify your top prospects and follow up with them after your trade show event. At your networking event, change out your prize wedges to complement your party theme. Use your trade show game mini prize wheel in a new capacity to give out door prizes. Then, change out your  trade show game wheel again during the same evening for special prize drawing sessions through out the evening. This sporatic prize wheel entertainment will encourage lingering and additional networking while waiting for the next prize drawing. Your prize wedges can be made to accommodate any theme, color or style at your evening event by simply printing the mini prize wheel wedges from your office printer.