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Article: Pet Adoption Drive
31inch diameter trade show prize wheel with 18 wedges. FloorModel

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31" Prize Wheel - 18 Wedges
Floor Model For Pet Adoption Drive

Add Fun To A Pet Adoption Drive With A Prize Wheel

By Brian Jardine

There is a simple but incredibly effective technique moving across the nation from animal shelter to animal shelter to increase the number of pet adoptions. The idea is to use prize wheels to offer anyone interested in adopting an animal a chance to pay a lower price. As simple as the campaign might seem, its efficacy is being touted in every corner of the nation. From a pet sanctuary in Florida to animal shelters in Texas, Georgia, and Virginia, the idea is catching on. The results are difficult to determine but it seems, at least at first glance, that record numbers of pets are being adopted.

Make It A Pet Paradise Home

That, by no means, indicates an end to the pet homelessness problem. Anyone with the compassion to bring another pet into their furry family needs to take action. It is clear that using prize wheels will get results, whether you are raising money for a charity, marketing a new product or service, or running a pet adoption drive. No amount of marketing punch can put every homeless pet into a warm home. The only way these pets can get the love and care they deserve is if caring people were to open up their homes and take on the responsibility themselves.

Pet Adoption Drive With A Prize WheelMake a Difference For Pets

Martin Luther King once said that the south would have to atone not for the violent actions and vitriolic words of the children of darkness but for the indifference and thoughtlessness of the children of light. Unfortunately, that can be said for every society on this planet. Too many problems face society that could have been ratified long ago with a little patience and love. Fortunately, marketing and fundraising tools like the prize wheel offer anyone a golden opportunity to make a difference.  With a little effort and some planning, a spin wheel can effectively promote your non profit's cause and draw in a crowd at a pet adoption drive.

Try Something New At Your Pet Adoption Event

If you run a shelter and you have not tried using a spin wheel to add life to an adoption drive, give it a try. Since the wheel is fully customizable and reusable, you really have nothing to lose. After you use it to ramp up adoption efforts, model a fundraising event around the carnival theme of the prize wheel. With the opportunity to have fun and win a prize, the donations are sure to flow in. You may even be able to attract new volunteers to help with the myriad tasks associated with caring for the animals. You cannot lose when you spin the wheel to benefit helpless animals.

Partner With Local Community Members On Pet Projects

Prize Wheel at Pet Adoption DriveBeing a part of a local network that emphasizes a specific cause in your community can become a powerful networking place. Sharing in a joined target audience, you can increase your branding and business exposure by offering your prize wheel to the group efforts. For example, you might volunteer at an event with the Humane Society for a pet adoption day. It would be an ideal time to, encourage more local support by connecting with local vets and pet suppliers and asking them to donate special deals for the day.  Perhaps a vet provides a full exam for newly adopted pets or a pet supplier can provide toys, food and accessories or a mobile pet grooming service can offer free services that can be won on the prize wheel. By sharing in a joint venture, pet adoption non profits, pet supply distributors, vets and pet groomers will be presented before your audience and be exposed to additional branding. Community involvement is essential is pulling off a successful pet adoption drive.

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