Prize Wheel
Article: Make A Stand-Out Presentation
31inch diameter prize wheel with 18 wedges. Table Stand Model

Price: $265.00 (was $299.00)

31" Prize Wheel - 18 Wedges
Table Top Model

Make a Stand-Out Presentation

The list of benefits a prize wheel can offer are literally endless. From increasing sales to improving employee motivation, there is no end to the myriad applications of a prize wheel. With its ability to attract attention and engage an audience, these marketing tools are the perfect addition to any business presentation. Unfortunately, lugging a super-sized spin the wheel game around in the back seat of one's sedan can be quite challenging to say the least. The solution? Think mini.

Prize Wheel Makes a Stand out Presentation

Portability Of Mini Prize Wheel Make Presentations Easy

It's often been said that great things come in small packages. This can certainly be said for the mini prize wheel. With convenience and portability in mind, manufacturers have created one of the most powerful presentation aids in the history of public speaking. With a simple flick of the wrist, presenters can attract and maintain the attention of every member in the audience. Who can resist the sights and sounds of a high quality spin wheel in action?

Of course, attracting attention isn't the only benefit a wheel of fortune game can offer. By simply inserting appropriate cards in the slots on the outer edge of the game wheel, any meeting planner or presenter can instantly generate a broad array of team building exercises or even illustrate a difficult concept. Additionally, these spin to win wheels are totally customizable - the same spin wheel used to teach a classroom of hyperactive students at nine in the morning can be used to attract new customers at noon!

Add Fun To Your Presentations

The number of applications for this amazing marketing tool are only limited by the human imagination. Even when space is tight, a mini prize wheel can be used in the same way as a super-sized prize wheel with no attenuation of effect. Who would imagine that such a simple to use tool could be so powerful?

To add fun to any event, using a prize wheel to play a game of spin the wheel or wheel of fortune can be immensely effective. Anyone with management experience can understand how a quick spin of the wheel can be so effective at improving morale and increasing productivity.

mini prize wheel

Mini Prize Wheel: 20.5 inch Diameter

With a mini prize wheel and a little creativity, any presentation can stand out as the most memorable, effective presentation ever attended. Who can forget a fun time? Of all the memories stored in the great reservoir of the mind, the most lucid are often memories of fun, happy events. Spinning the wheel, then, can literally spell success for public speakers and managers alike.