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15-30 wedge Floor Model BIG Prize Wheel - 40 inches
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15-30 wedge Floor Model BIG Prize Wheel - 40 inches 15-30 wedge Floor Model BIG Prize Wheel - 40 inches BIG prize wheel - 40 inch diameter


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Adaptable 15-30 Wedge BIG Prize Wheel Floor Stand
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Price: $325.00
Dimensions Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs.)
Product 33.50 40.00 78.50 27.00
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The Adaptable 15-30 wedge Prize Wheel FLOOR STAND model is very large at 40" diameter and gives you so much control! Bigger than the standard prize wheel, it offers non-uniformity. You can create any number of prize wedges between 15 and 30. So, yes, you can have wheel of fortune with 16 prize slots for that special Sweet 16th Birthday Party! With any combination of prize slots, from 15 to 30, playing the spin the wheel brings fun, excitement and unpredictability to meetings and events. Spin to win a prize! This prize wheel requires LEGAL SIZE PAPER for prize wheel template insert prints.


This prize wheel has 15-30 prize wedges and comes with a sturdy tripod stand made of high quality powder-coated steel.


This game wheel is made from ABS and PETG plastics.


A clicker that "clicks" between each slot - 30 clicks per rotation; made of durable nylon and able to withstand thousands of spins. Choose from two clickers that allow for either more spins and less sound, or fewer spins and more sound. See Assembly instructions for details on the clickers.

Create your own prizes using free template files in Microsoft Word® & Adobe Illustrator® formats on our website. This prize wheel requires 11"x14" (LEGAL SIZE) paper for printing your prize wedges.

This prize wheel can be converted into a table top model simply by separating the extension legs and moving the small, rubber feet.

27 lbs

40"W X 73.5"H X 33.50"D



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