Prize Wheel
Article: Reward Employees With a BBQ
31inch diameter prize wheel with 18 wedges. Table Stand Model

Price: $265.00 (was $299.00)

31" Prize Wheel - 18 Wedges
Table Top Model


How To Reward Employees With a BBQ And Some Fun!

Improving the productivity of employees can be a difficult task. While some employers simply expect too much out of their minions, most have realistic goals but lack the insight they need to get results. A short lesson in psychology could greatly increase one’s chances of success. Humans are social creatures. Love, respect, honesty, and trust are central to the value systems of many people. Consequently, when one feels that one of the aforementioned values has been betrayed, productivity greatly suffers. In all honesty, how many individuals would feel compelled to help someone who treats them with a total lack of respect or appreciation? Conversely, when one feels that their efforts are appreciated and that they are truly valued for their hard work, productivity soars. Helping the company then becomes an employee’s number one priority.

Discussions about productivity aside, rewarding employees for their part in a company’s success is any employer’s moral responsibility. The success they’ve enjoyed is a direct result of the hard work and loyalty of the individuals in their employ. For companies on a budget, throwing a company BBQ to show employees how much they are valued doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. A prize wheele, some quality meat, and a little music are all that’s required to have a wonderful time. Another benefit to throwing a BBQ is the opportunity to have quality bonding time with employees.

Why a spin wheel?
Fun and games is the staple of any great time. What could be more fun than spinning the wheel and winning a prize? For decades, certain parts of the television industry have prospered based on the principle that individuals enjoy games of chance. When employees get a chance to win a day off with pay or a free pound cake, fun invariably follows. All kidding aside, prize wheels can be used to inject a little fun into the workplace as well. With customizable templates, a company can reuse a prize wheel to illustrate difficult business concepts, allocate certain office responsibilities, or even provide a little fun when deciding on the next topic at hand. What could be more fun than a little spontaneity in the conference room?

For the company picnic or a large conference room, a super-sized prize wheel, 44”, could provide improved visibility and a little more fun when individuals try to spin it. For smaller conference rooms, however, a standard prize wheel, mini prize wheel and baby prize wheel are a perfect addition. Regardless of available space, a prize wheel can be a great option for any company.