Prize Wheel
Article: 4 Interactive Ways To Use a Prize Wheel
31inch diameter prize wheel with 18 wedges. Table Stand Model

Price: $265.00 (was $299.00)

31" Prize Wheel - 18 Wedges
Table Top Model

4 Interactive Ways To Use a Prize Wheel

Many find themselves wondering, “What can I do with a prize wheel?” While this is perfectly understandable for some, those with experience in marketing or management should instantly see the potential in such a versatile tool.

1. Attract Attention

Letting others know about a new or established business can be quite a challenge with the stiff competition across industries in today’s day and age. With its unique appearance and natural appeal, a spin wheel can attract the kind of attention that leads to sales. Bringing a spin wheel along to trade events, outdoor marketing campaigns, or even at the local festival will ensure good exposure as well as the chance that consumers will associate a particular business with fun. Of course, businesses aren’t the only entities that would benefit from a little exposure. Churches and other charitable organizations can greatly increase their chances of success by bringing a little spin wheel fun into the mix.

2. Add Stimulation

The brain needs stimulation in order to function properly. Without interesting information and a little fun, productivity will lag. Introducing a spin wheel into the equation can help stimulate employees, volunteers, and potential customers, adding an extra element of fun that all parties will appreciate. While stimulation is necessary to enjoy continued focus and concentration, some activities should be avoided. Anything that draws an individual’s attention completely away from the task at hand could be very detrimental to any company’s ability to meet demands. A prize wheel provides the perfect mix of fun and focus, allowing employees to get a reprieve from the hostile office environment while maintaining a productive atmosphere.

3. Teach a Lesson

Any presentation that doesn’t utilize the power of interaction is less effective than it could be. By getting the audience involved, a spin wheel can help aid in information retention while keeping the attention of everyone involved. A boring presentation is a counterproductive one. Shake things up with a little prize wheel fun.

4. Create Fun

Businesses aren’t the only ones that can enjoy the benefits of a prize wheel. By making a game of spinning the wheel, individuals, churches, and social clubs can have a good time and improve the health of everyone involved. Laughter has been shown to decreases levels of harmful chemicals such as cortisol and boosts the immune system. Getting the most out of life means taking time out to have some fun and enjoy the company of others.