Prize Wheel
Article: Wheel Of Fortune Game
31inch diameter prize wheel with 18 wedges. Table Stand Model

Price: $265.00 (was $299.00)

31" Prize Wheel - 18 Wedges
Table Top Model

Wheel of Fortune Game to Attract New Business

With the economy struggling to bounce back from a severe recession, most find the price of gasoline prohibitive. Not surprisingly, the dependence on a vehicle to earn a living drives many to grudgingly pay the inflated prices. Though many gas stations believe they have their customers over a barrel, giving customers a positive experience with every visit will encourage loyalty and increase revenue. A wheel of fortune game can be a great way to give customers a little dose of fun in a long, hard day while attracting business. Simply offering a twenty-five dollar gas card as the grand prize could bring in dozens of customers, seeking the thrill of spinning the wheel as much as the free gasoline they could potentially win. If a free give-away seems contraindicated in a tough economy, one should consider the financial impact just a few more regular customers could have on any particular day.  So, how can a wheel of fortune game be used to attract new business?


Making it fun should always be a priority when developing a marketing campaign in today’s economy. With a multitude of worries plaguing the average consumer, a little fun can go a long way in staving on depression and improving productivity. With a customizable prize wheel, one can proudly display key services a gas station offers or offer free products and services to each customer with a flick of the wrist. With a chance to win free fuel or a deep discount on an oil change, many customers find themselves compelled to keep that wheel spinning. Aside from the financial benefits of winning a prize, a gas station with a heart could improve the cardiovascular health of each of its customers by simply offering a chance to spin the wheel. How? Researchers have found that laughter is a strong medicine that can relax the smooth muscles in blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Few managers would recognize the significant impact a free tank of gas could make on the average individual’s finances. With an extra forty to a hundred dollars, an individual who previously struggled to make ends meet now has a cushion against sudden emergencies. In the very least, that saved money could be deposited into the bank and used to help put a child through college. Imagine, by using a wheel of fortune game, the average gas station can make a small investment in the future success and stability of the nation. After all, an educated population will likely invest more time and money into creating a better political, legal, and financial environment for the next generation.